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And then…

My husband’s best friend and one of my favorite people ever died. I was all set to do better, to do good, to become a kinder, smarter, more loving person (like that’s ever been a sustained success for me). And … Continue reading

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Doing what I love, and feeling guilty about it…

After 5.5 years in the classroom, I applied for a job within the school system that focuses on students in state custody who are also eligible for ex ed services. The plight of students in state custody, in the foster … Continue reading

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Wondering what happens when they grow up…

It might not be the wisest thing for me to do, writing this morning before a shower or coffee or when I’m still utterly wrecked by the engulfing sad of a beautiful book I read yesterday. But here I am … Continue reading

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It’s summer and I’m still thinking about school…

It’s summer, the semester ended not quite 10 days ago, and I’m still thinking about school and about my students. This is partly the effect of preparing for teaching ESY (extended school year) and realizing that 1) my job is … Continue reading

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No ranting tonight, promise.

Today was the last day of evening school for this school year, and I’m happy. Money is nice but sometimes time is nicer. And it’s been a tough week at school, for lots of us and for reasons I am … Continue reading

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