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Thinking about it. I am not my job, but I don't do much other than work, so . . . wait, what was the question again??

So many words, so many words, so many words…

Years ago, I was working with a student who was on homebound due to a serious health issue. She was angry at this health issue, and she had every right to be, and snarky and funny and I loved her … Continue reading

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How I am bad at love…

I wrote the following a few years ago, and today, it’s a stronger truth about me and how I am bad at love than it was when I originally wrote it. Because I am bad at love and I’m running … Continue reading

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Want of Confidence…

Last month, I had training hosted at our downtown public library. As I sat outside with others in our group waiting for the doors to open, a man who looked a bit down on his luck said hello to me. … Continue reading

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Why I failed at grad school.

I have a master’s in secondary education with a specialty in special education. And I thought I was done with school forever because if there was one thing I had learned my first go round, it was that going to … Continue reading

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And then…

My husband’s best friend and one of my favorite people ever died. I was all set to do better, to do good, to become a kinder, smarter, more loving person (like that’s ever been a sustained success for me). And … Continue reading

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What a screw-up am I…

So, when the choice to love someone who is intensely unlovable but needs love presented itself in real life, I failed just as badly, as hideously, as anyone I’ve ever looked down on or criticized or judged as being lesser … Continue reading

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Doing What We’re Supposed To Do…

THIS POST IS FOR MY FELLOW ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS. Not that others can’t read it, but it really is for those who hold my spiritual values. As my practically perfect oldest son Samuel can attest, I truly believe that we Orthodox … Continue reading

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