. . . and sometimes it just hurts.

Bought about 30 lbs of play sand as prep for ESY with my little kids. We will have a center with the sand in a plastic container for them to play in. According to my lead teachers, the children love the sensory experience of feeling the sand. In a world that swirls with confusion and pain and too much noise, how restful it would be to be able to control some sensations.

Must admit I’m starting to be a little bit scared about this. I so want to do a good job, a great job actually, to be of help and support and to radiate love and concern and care for them, to somehow communicate with them (even the two who are non-verbal — maybe especially the ones who are non-verbal) and to them that they matter.

Today and for the next two days, I’m involved in a Facing History and Ourselves professional development on the Holocaust and Human Behavior. I was already teary-eyed once today, because I cry easily. I also laughed several times, because our teachers are amazing and flexible and funny and my fellow students (all local teachers) are interesting and far more complex than first impressions might indicate. But still . . . human beings are such monsters, rending and tearing one another with a savagery unseen in the natural world. It’s going to be an interesting, and possibly soggy, couple of days.


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Thinking about it. I am not my job, but I don't do much other than work, so . . . wait, what was the question again??
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One Response to . . . and sometimes it just hurts.

  1. tootsg says:

    Grace of my heart – I am reading you. I am learning you. I know this about you. You are brave. Bravery means you face what you have to face, even if you prefer not to. You are a role model. You have faults. You are human, and what can be better than that. I love what I read here. Feel my support, whenever you want to. Siri

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